AL JEDAR STEEL has generated reputation in the building envelop field and specially in manufacturing cladding systems. Since the company was established in 2010, it has been driven by a constant will to change and strive for better solutions. The company is specialized in manufacturing cladding systems such as stainless-steel, aluminium, steel and steel structure. Our systems cover all the cladding and innovative solutions for natural stone, foam stone, ceramic panels, terracotta, wood panels, engineering stones, glass, fiber cement panels, aluminium composite panels.


We offer a wide range of systems and solutions with diffent sizes, shapes and design. We do provide also services for customized fixing systems. We also manufacture metal profiles for wall and flooring standard movement joint and other special finish works.


Our technical support service provides cost-effective and legally compliant advices for all queries relating to fixing systems. Our dedicated engineers support you with their concentrated cladding experties and we are happy to give you advice at our plant, at your office or even on project site.


We work with the architect and we help the client to achieve the best economic solutions using latest technologies and special customize design of cladding systems and steel structure. We provide services in the design if fixing systems and the preparation of structural calculations. The services are done in the company technical department using CAD software and stress analysis programs.


We have a strong factory equipped with more than 15 work stations and has yearly production capacity of apporximately 600,000 sqm in facade cladding. A work shop is present at the factory which has the capability of preparing and maintaining the required modeling and tooling used in production. This proves advantages in being more flexible, efficient and economical in operations and manufacturing process.

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