We Al Jedar Steel can manufacture any model of steel works.

Al Jedar Steel - is based in Sharjah United Arab Emirates,


The company was established in 2010 which specialized in manufacturing Stainless Steel Angle, Support Bracket, Stone Cladding metal fixing system.


We are fully commited in producing different grade of Stainless Steel products varying with different sizes, shape, and design and with the Expert of our Technical Team. We do provide services customize stone fixing bracket and provide supply chain solutions and expertise.

Guided by our SLOGAN of "Growth through Customer Service" our Team members are working closely with customers to keep needed supplies flowing provide supply chain solutions and expertise.


The growth of Steel industry in the United Arab Emirates along wiht the neighbor GCC countries motivated us to expand our production line, Machineries and manpower. We created a modern efficient wider production facility that could meet changing demand in the local market and nearby countries.


Holding ISO9001, 14001 OHSAS 18001 certifications and being one of the newest challengers in the field of Fabrication, we are capable of producing complex design of Angle Bracket, maintain fabrication production level and on TOP quality assure in all side that lcoal competitors cannot imitate.


Al Jedar Steel offers a variety of Grades Stainless Steel Sheet suitable for most applications such as Grade 202, Grade 304 and Grade 316, Grade 316L and other steel grade required in the work site. The company is your one-stop shop for all things related to Steel Fabrication, fixing of Stone Cladding Angle Bracket along with the complete items of Fasteners Accessories.


We carry an extensive inventory of Fasteners, all of which are available for retail to the general public. Whether you are a construction contractor, industrial trade business, Building Materials, Traders, Project consultant, etc. we strive to be your one-stop shop for Marble and Granite cladding stone industries.